Nine Lives

Nine Lives follows two guys on a long road trip delivering an undisclosed piece of cargo, things soon turn ugly and they are forced to take control of a situation nobody ever wants to find themselves in.

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Hecchi & Kethmer Feat. Elvis Presley: In the Ghetto

A young girl leaves her home in the ghetto. In her search of a brighter future, it turns out that the world is not as you hope and believe, and that the biggest help sometimes must come from yourself.

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Shanghai Story

A short film about love, life, loneliness, the choices we make and sex toys. Inspired by 90s independent wave, Shanghai Story’s main appeal lies in its characters, dialogue and classic …

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Black Mass

Black Mass is a horror film where the user becomes part of the action. From the perspective of someone who’s been abducted, you’ll find your abductees throwing a black veil over your head …

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